Individual tour

A guided tour with a speaker is available for all our visitors. Please, ask for our scheduler at the reception desk.

A visitor’s guide in several languages (French, English, Spanish, German, Italian and Dutch) is available at the reception desk, and the tour is marked out by several information boards.

Once the “Jumièges 3D” app is downloaded on a personal phone, pod or pad, or on a numerical pad for rent at the Abbey, it allows visiting the monument reconstituted with the 3D technique.

Adult groups are received all year long, preferably by reservation.

The guided tours with a speaker are available in French, and our visitor’s guides in French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

School visits


Understanding the monument and its architecture with Jumièges 3D

A guided tour with a speaker from the abbey and four 3D demonstrations. The “Jumièges 3D” app, declared the world’s best numerical application in 2013, allows the 3D reconstitution of four venues that are essential for the visitor’s understanding of the whole site: Notre-Dame’s Church, St. Peter’s Church, the cloister, then the 18th-century gardens and dormitory. Based on some historians and archaeologists studies, the 3D reconstructions used by a speaker help the pupils comprehend the architecture of the abbey as it was before it was destroyed and rebuilt.

Several information (the videos of some historians specialized in the abbey, audio commentaries illustrated with various documents) are usable out of the site and allow working in class before or after the visit.

During a school visit, please count one numerical pad per accompanying adult (or the speaker), which generally equals one pad for eight pupils.

From March to November

Since 2013, the abbatial dwelling, a small 18th-century castle situated inside the park of the abbey, was reopened in order to house a visual art centre specially dedicated to photography and video. The venue proposes some temporary installations which allow placing in time contemporary art, in a continuity of images and artistic expressions.

Here, the contemporary artworks are compared to some of those kept in the abbey which dated back to the 12th-14th Centuries. This is a favourable context to a thought on artistic codes and uses.


(self-led visits: about 1h30)

“Jumièges 3D”

The “Jumièges 3D“ application is a unique interactive way of rediscovering the monument’s history, while procuring fun to users: the videos of historians specialized in the abbey, the audio-commentaries (illustrated with several documents) and, most of all, the 3D reconstitution of four essential venues in the abbey are adapted to the pupils; as it is manageable and fun, the equipment allows visualizing the monument, its history and architecture, its characters and legends. Its easy use outside the abbey allows working in class on these subjects before or after the actual tour.

The “Jumièges 3D” app can be downloaded on iTunes and Google Play for numerical pads and smartphones. Some numerical pads are available for rent at the reception desk of the abbey (rental: €5 per pad); in this case, we strongly advise you to book a reservation.

The personnel of the abbey is at your disposal for the preparation of your full-day tours. This is a practical way to receive several classes, divided into several groups (in mornings and afternoons).

Picnicking is allowed on the premises.

Entertainment bookings: (0033) 235 372 402 – Fax: (0033) 235 373 424

Adult groups: 5 € per person (guided tour included)

School groups: free entrance for free visit.

Free admission for adult group leaders (1 to 15 people), bus drivers, group escorts (up to 4 per group).

School group guided tour: 20 € per class for kindergartens, primary and bored centers / 30 € per class for high schools and high schools

School group workshop: € 30 per class for kindergartens, primary and bored centers / € 40 per class for middle and high schools

Other services and prices: 02 35 37 24 02 or

Rates are subject to change.